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趙瞬文Joanne Chao/林大偉David Lin/史明輝Jack Shih/吳建錩Chien Chang Wu/王綺穗Wang Chi-Sui/葉安德Ander Yeh Joanne Chao holds a master's degree from the New York Institute of Technology in the United States and a Ph.D. in Design from Da-Tong University. She specializes in computer graphics, animation production, and character sculpting. Additionally, she has served as a curator for domestic animation film festivals, and a juror for several competitions. David Lin holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Commercial Design in Design from the Taiwan University of Science and Technology. He specializes in interactive design, visual perception, cognition psychology, and visual storytelling-related research. He previously served as the Creative Director for visual innovation in the fields of multimedia design and online marketing. Jack Shih holds a master's degree from Pratt Institute in New York and graduated from the California Institute of the Arts. He excels in computer animation, character animation, experimental animation, animation writing, directing, and production; he serves as a jury member for various domestic and international film festivals, including the Golden Horse Awards, Golden Bell Awards, Golden Harvest Awards, and Singapore Super Pitch competition. Chien Chang Wu holds a master's in Animation Arts from the New Media Art Department at the National Taipei University of the Arts. His expertise lies in 3D character animation production. He has been involved in the creative development of various 3D animations and games. He has received training abroad as part of the Ministry of Education's elite program for arts and design and served as a judge for the 3D Digital Game Art category in the National Skills Competition organized by the Ministry of Labor. Wang Chi-Sui holds a Ph.D. from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom. Specializing in experimental animation and visual arts, she has actively pursued research and creative work in the field of visual arts. She has showcased her works in exhibitions and has also curated various exhibitions. Additionally, she has served as a curator for both domestic and international film festivals, as well as an international juror for several competitions. Ander Yeh was the director of the Planning Department at Hong Guang Co., Ltd. He has participated in the production of animated series for major companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., and Universal Studios. He excels in scene design, storyboard scripting, and character design.